The Mantle Building System

The Mantle Building System is, in effect, an hybrid solution in between Stressed Skin Panels and regular Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) systems. This means that it is:
Frameless: There is no need for vertical down-stands. Apertures and Service penetrations can be inserted anywhere in a panel, even after the initial build completion. The system is ‘Future Proof’.
Load-bearing: Loads are carried throughout the entire structure. There are no point loads and lintels etc. are not necessary for most designs.
Composite: The use of selected component raw materials and their combination produce a composite system at least 4 times stronger than engineered timber solutions.


There are just 3 basic System components:
Panels: – (2.4m x 1.2m x 220mm)
Ring Beams: – (2.4m x 350mm x 198mm) to hang floor joists,
if it is necessary
Corners: – (2.4m x 500mm x 500mm)

Although the System has been improved since the films were made, the clips below provide an overview:

Channel TV Jersey Project:

Link to BBC 2 ‘Working Lunch’ video