Compared to traditional build solutions, the Mantle Building System
is very cost effective. Raw materials alone cost the same or less.
Like-for-like project cost savings can be significant. Depending upon final design, typical project build costs are 20% and 33% lower than traditional and timber SIPs, respectively.

A recent ‘Building Schools for the Future’ (BSF) project identified
on-site time cost savings of approximately 50% per school using the Mantle Building System. Economies of scale benefits are available: Wall run speeds in excess of 185 sq m per installation team per 8 hours shift; the ability to operate on a 24/7 basis with no need to ‘dry in’ between storeys; different phases of a project can run concurrently.

The Mantle Building System requires only supervised semi-skilled labour to be used for installation. Labour cost savings can be considerable, therefore. There is minimal on-site waste or pollution. Each project design is carefully and methodically engineered and ‘panelised’ before site operations commence. Site clean up operations are greatly reduced.

At 1/15th and 1/10th the weight of traditional and timber build solutions, respectively the Mantle Building System is lightweight, yet strong. Consequently, foundation mass, excavation, cartaway, landfill and concrete costs are significantly reduced.

The super-insulated benefits of the Mantle Building System call for extremely low energy running costs, with annual heating bills reduced by about 90%. Renewables requirements are dramatically reduced - a large 4 bedroomed detached house has been completed at about Code 5 standard, with NIL renewables.