The Mantle Building System offers outstanding environmental credentials. Having won regional and national awards as one of the technologies that do most to reduce carbon emissions, the environmental benefits of the System are proven to be wide ranging and significant. Detailed analysis has confirmed that the Embodied Carbon levels of the System are excellent:  29.25% of the CO2e of Structural Timber; 28.78% of the CO2e of Structural Concrete; 24.75% of the CO2e of Hi Strength Concrete; 12.22% of the CO2e of Brick and 0.7% of the CO2e of Steel.  The System has truly outstanding Psi values of up to 10 times better than the prestigious 'Accredited' standard, obtaining maximum SAP points and used to calculate the most cost-effective M & E solution.

The standard System components can be used without additional modification for the entire range of Codes for Sustainable Homes, up to and including the highest Code 6 projects. Indeed, it obtains so many Build Fabric SAP points at Code 6 that some offset can be achieved for SAP points' requirements in other sections of the Code. The System is ‘super-insulated’. It offers a ‘U’ Value of 0.10 or better, depending upon design and before any external cladding or finishing.

The Mantle Building System has no thermal bridges and an air permeability of about 1m3/m2@50Pa. This makes the Mantle Building System ideal for apartment blocks and other multi-occupancy buildings such as schools, hotels etc.

All system components are re-cyclable. They can be collected from site and re-cycled to make new Mantle Building System components. The System’s raw materials are inert and will not degrade when exposed to the elements. Unlike other system solutions, ‘Mantle’ structures will retain their insulative and other qualities throughout their life.

The Mantle Building System has a standard 60 years durability statement. The System plays its full part in supporting ‘carbon neutral’ buildings. The installation speed, cleanliness and simplicity of the Mantle Building System causes minimal disruption & pollution on site and to the wider environment.