The Mantle Building System is an extremely safe system both during on-site installation and post-project. The standard fire rating of a ‘Mantle’ house is 1 hour. In addition, it is not as vulnerable to the risk of fire spreading throughout the structure both during construction and after installation as some other modern methods of construction and system-build solutions. Fire retardant is incorporated into our components as standard.

The raw material components are inert. They do not degrade over time and do not leach or release any dangerous substances. There are no special handling or transportation requirements necessary for movements to or on site. The Mantle Building System proved to be at least 4 times stronger than engineered timber in every system test conducted at BRE. The System’s superior strength makes it well suited for use in those geographic regions that are vulnerable to climatic or seismographic threats. The System is routinely used for retaining walls, such are its strength and durability.

BRE, TRADA and Chiltern International Fire thoroughly tested the Mantle Building System. LABC Registered Details system approval certification has been granted. This offers a distinct advantage over other systems that have mere ‘design approval’.

Structural warranties are available from the likes of Premier Guarantee, BuildZone, BLP, Zurich (for commercial buildings), Checkmate, LABC Warranty etc. Given its ability to distribute loads around the entire structure and with no point loads, the Mantle Building System retains its stability even when dramatic changes in building structure occur or are made after completion. Consequently, the System is considered ‘future proof’. As such, it is well suited to public sector and social projects.