simple & flexible

Full installation training and mentoring of local contractors’ staff are provided on-site by qualified and approved Mantle Building System trainers. Of course, a full ‘supply and fit’ service is also available, if preferred.

The System is extremely simple and easy to install. It is adaptable to suit a wide range of project applications. There are just 3 standard component parts that can be assembled either off-site or on-site, as best suits each project.

With a reduction of up to 80% in associated and wet trades and the potential of using semi-skilled labour, the System is extremely simple and easy to install. Unlike other system build solutions, the Mantle Building System has 'LABC Registered Details' system approval for fast-track sign-off to 3.5 storeys. For higher rise projects, routine structural engineer sign-off is obtained in the normal way.

‘Mantle’ buildings can be of almost any design and finish. Indeed, a recent project for town houses of 3 storeys, including one below ground level, called for 4 external finishes per unit (zinc, brick, slate and render). The System is well suited for use to meet regional and cultural design requirements.

The Mantle Building System is not restricted to the domestic housing sector. It is equally well suited for use across the entire construction spectrum: Houses, high and low rise apartment blocks, care homes, hotels, schools, prisons, cold stores, drying kilns, shopping malls, offices etc. ‘Mantle’ buildings are ‘future-proof’. Structural stability is maintained, even when subsequent major changes to design occur or are made after completion.

The ‘super-insulated’ and other environmental qualities of the Mantle Building System make it well suited to all climatic extremes. These range from hot and cold regions that may be dry, wet or humid and both inland or on salt-affected coastal environments. Insecticides can also be incorporated into the components if required e.g. in the Tropics.