Fast installation is a fundamental benefit of the Mantle Building System. On-site wall run speeds in excess of 185 sq m per 8 hours
shift have been attained easily by installation teams.
Although on-site installation is the usual and often the most
cost-effective method employed, the Mantle Building System is equally well suited to off-site assembly.

There is no need to ‘dry in’ or weather-proof the System before installation of the next storey. If required, installation can be on a continuous, 24/7 basis. The installation process is similar to that of a smooth running production line. Following trades are able to move in as each storey is completed. Concurrent activity saves significant on-site time and costs. Local area disruption and inconvenience are similarly reduced.

There is a reduction in the need for associated and wet trades of up
to 80%.

Typical reductions are:
Electrical-40%; Drylining-70%; Painting-50%;
Plumbing-40%; Masonry-60%; Frame Carpentry-60%;
Trim Carpentry-75%; Render Application-30%; Roofing-40%;
Tile Setting-50%; Insulation-eliminated;
Exterior cladding – unnecessary.

Conventional roof trusses are not required.
‘Room In Roof’ living space is offered as standard. There is no need
for follow-on work, materials or other costs in order to achieve the
‘super-insulated’ and other environmental advantages of the Mantle Building System.

These are all provided simply by the use of the System’s standard components. Consequently, the speed with which the final thermal shell installation is achieved in a single operation significantly reduces like-for-like project costs.