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    Looking good!

    Mantle buildings can be of almost any design and finish.

    Indeed, a recent project for town houses of 3 storeys, including one below ground level, called for 4 external finishes per unit (zinc, brick slips, slate and render). The system is well suited for use to meet regional and cultural design requirements. External finish can include directly applied render, brick and brick slips, tiles, timber cladding and others to suit the vernacular. This means that the external design of the houses has incredible flexibility in design options for you. Outstanding levels of thermal and acoustic performance and air-tightness are achieved by a total render-to-wallpaper wall thickness of just 275mm. When compared to over 500mm for a similar performance in traditional build, Mantle offers approximately 10% more accommodation space for any given footprint. This is another major advantage when only tight, brownfield sites are available in urban districts.

    With effectively nil seasonal expansion and contraction, a Mantle house does not suffer from the usual cracking associated with traditional and especially timber or steel build alternatives. Mantle houses do not suffer from interstitial condensation. Consequently, maintenance costs are reduced, again releasing greater savings.

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