Saving the Planet!

    Our goal is to create value for our customers, while also providing housing which improves quality of life.

    We are committed to operating sustainably and addressing social and ethical responsibilities.

    Recyclable material and careful pre-construction design has minimal waste and does not have harmful toxic substances when compared to alternative build solutions. Our panels contain less than 30% of the embedded CO2 in structural timber, 12% of that embedded in brick and 0.7% of that embedded in steel. Heating energy requirements are reduced by 90%! At 1/15th the weight of traditional and 1/10th the weight of timber build solutions, foundation costs and resources are significantly reduced.

    For large scale developments, Carbon Credit Trading opportunities arise making significant savings and contributing towards the net zero carbon goal.

    In manufacture, transportation to site, assembly and in use, Mantle is amongst the most sustainable building solutions available. Mantle houses do not degrade and give off no toxic gases.

    When we started on our journey, our early customers thought they were too good to be true: now, they are reaping the benefit.

    Green Roof

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