Designer houses, designed for your needs.

    Its simplicity and flexibility make it accessible across the entire construction industry spectrum.

    In addition to domestic houses of all Codes for Sustainable Homes (including the highest Code 6 and the anticipated Code changes), it is equally well suited to multistorey apartments, commercial and public sector buildings both within the UK and worldwide. 

    Starting with basic planning details, our design and engineering team produce detailed, technical drawings. In collaboration with our project supply partners a complete system-build, structural solution can be provided to satisfy project developers, contractors and, of course, end-user clients and building occupants. Whether the need is a new estate or building a spacious house in a narrow gap between existing homes, there is a solution that works.

    Loads are carried throughout the entire structure. There are no point loads and lintels are not necessary for most designs. This gives you freedom to design to your needs.

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