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    Why choose the Mantle Building System?

    Because it is modern, adaptable, strong, sustainable and value for money.


    The first Mantle Building System structure was a 23m x 3.6m retaining wall.  Two coats of tanking were applied to the inner side and land drains inserted. The outside was rendered.


    A 5 storeys care home on a very restricted access approach (2.5m wide) and set into the side of a steep embankment was completed without the need for expensive cranes.


    The System is ideal for projects on limited access or contaminated, brown field sites or those sites with a high water table e.g. fenland.


    Projects have been completed adjacent to a SSSI chalk stream and alongside a mainline railway. The Mantle Building System's green credentials and acoustic insulation are well suited to such environmentally sensitive locations.



    The engineering challenges of a school project particularly regarding its roof and heavy duty security shuttering plus the environmental aspirations of the Inner City Council proved too great for traditional and timber solutions.

    Car Showroom


    Car showrooms, warehouse, supermarkets, data and cold storage units are commercial building variants which are well within the capabilities of the Mantle Building System.

    Office Block


    An 'H' shaped office block project includes a lift shaft, a 'green' roof and floor to ceiling windows.  The client did not want trusses, purlins, ridgebeams etc. used anywhere in the structure. 

    The engineering challenges of this specification proved too great for timber SIPs or traditional build solutions.  The Mantle Building System coped with these easily.

    Floors 6 and 7


    A 'Vertical Extension' project on the South West coast called for 15 extra apartments and two additional storeys (6 and 7) to be built on top of an existing structure.  The existing structure required no additional strengthening or re-engineering of the foundations or structural supports and was well within the System's capabilities for wind load stresses and additional fire protection at that height.  This type of project, which capitalises on the fact that a Mantle structure is about 1/15th the weight of a traditional building and about 1/10th the weight of a cavity walled timber build, reflects a growing trend.  This is particularly valid in urban areas, where local councils and housing associations wish to increase their housing stocks but have minimal additional building land available.

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