Safe and sound.

    Full testing and assessment of the Mantle Building System was conducted by the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE), the TRADA Technology Ltd, Chiltern International Fire and Sound Research Laboratories (SRL).

    In every test, the Mantle Building System exceeded by at least 4 times the results achieved by even engineered timber. The System has also achieved the standard 60 years durability certification. It is considered 'Future-Proof' in that System performance standards far exceed current and anticipated changes to building regulations.

    Such is the proven strength of Mantle that post-construction changes in design and use are easily adopted. A recent trend has seen the system used to add additional storeys and extensions onto existing buildings without the need to strengthen the original structural engineering support.

    Structural warranty cover is readily provided by a wide range of companies including BLP (the co-founder of BOPAS). Indeed, the System has been awarded the prestigious LABC Registered Details status, which provides fast track approval by all Building Control offices nationwide. The cover provided by any and all of the structural warranty companies ensures that the owners of Mantle houses can easily and readily obtain a mortgage on their property.

    The standard Mantle Building System components achieve the required minimum one hour fire rating. Indeed, for a recent 7 storey apartment block, the 90 minutes fire rating minimum requirement was easily achieved. Such safety measures are incorporated in the project architect's fire design strategy. With an included fire retardant, the in-construction, exposed fire risk of the Mantle Building System components is assessed as considerably lower than timber based build alternatives.

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