Living in comfort...

    The high levels of thermal insulation provided offer a warm and cosy environment.

    Our U value is a remarkable 0.10W/m2/K with an air-tightness of 1m3/m2@50pa. Equally outstanding is the acoustic insulation, which starts at 60db for party walls - a school music room is a minimum of 50dB. This means that external noise related stress impact is largely removed and results in better sleeping conditions, even in the busiest urban surroundings.

    Separate Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) with integral filters provide the cleanest of air consumption. Because our wall and roof fabric is so well insulated, your designers can build in larger windows giving more light than a standard house. And because the walls are thinner, we have more room-space for the same footprint. Our houses do not need wall mounted radiators so there is more flexibility in use as well. All of this combines for a better quality of life and, according to health specialists, better mental health for the occupants.

    Green Roof

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